1. Conventional Glass Ionomers DOWNLOAD
a) In vitro cytotocicity of five glass-ionomer cements – University of Sao Paulo 2003
b) The biocompatibility of resin-modified glass-ionomer cements for dentistry – University Greenwich UK 2008
c) Effect of curing regime on the cytotoxicity of resin-modified glass-ionomer lining cements applied to an odontoblast-cell line – Sao Paulo, 2006
2. Effects of BPA (Bisphenol)
a) Estrogenicity of resin-based Composites and Sealants Used in Dentistry – multiple universities USA – 1996
b) Phthalate metabolites and bisphenol A in urine of German children – Int., Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health
c) BPA in dental sealants: What parents need to know – San Francisco
d) Dental Composite Restorations and Psychosocial Function in Children (USA incl. Harvard)
3. Effects of Monomers
a) In vitro embryotoxic assessment with dental restoratives materials – Journal of Dentistry 2005
b) Cytotoxicity of resins monomers on human gingival fibroblast and HaCaT keratinocytes – Dental Materials 2007
4. Composites
a) In vitro biological response to a light-cured composite when used for cementation of composite inlays – Dental Materials
b) Wie toxisch sind Komposit, Glasionomer und Amalgam – DZW 2008 (Germany)
c) Cytotoxic effects of current dental adhesive systems on immortalized odontoblast cell MDPZ-23 – Sao Paulo State
d) Cytotoxic and mutagenic effects of dental composite materials – Elsevier Biomaterials 2005
e) In vitro and in vivo studies on toxicity of dental resin components: a review – 2007 Clin Oral Invest
f) How toxic is composite – 2008 GCP internal review
g) Molecular Toxicology of Substance Released from Resin-Based Dental restorative Materials – University of Thessaloniki/Athens 2009
h) Dental Composite Restorations and Psychosocial Function in Children (USA incl. Harvard)
5. Amalgam
a) Press Release: EU leading the way towards world mercury export ban – EU 2006
b) Cell death effects of resin based dental materials compounds and mercurials in human gingival fibroblasts – Arch Toxicol 20064
6. Reviews
a) Molecular Toxicology of Substances Released from Resin–Based Dental Restorative Materials (review – 200 studies)
b) Cytotoxicity and biocompatibility of direct and indirect pulp capping materials (review – 86 studies)
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