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Restorative products based on GCP Glass Carbomer™ Tech

Glass Carbomer™ Tech stands for a new generation of filling, sealing, crown and bridge cement based on nanoglass with integration of liquid silica and fluoride/hydroxyapatite. The innovative, three-patented protected restoration material creates a biofusion under the influence of mineralisation with both dentine and enamel and in this way becomes fused with the dental material. This natural fusion ensures that secondary caries and damage to the root canal caused by harmful substances will be relegated to the past. Due to this product, the need for treatment will also be practically eliminated. The biocompatible Biosafe products do not contain any hazardous raw materials such as monomers and bisphenol A and their derivatives. Glass Carbomer™ Tech products are safe for the patient, the dentist and the environment. These permanent restorative products help dentistry to take great steps forward. There is now a material that repairs the natural dental structure. The Glass Carbomer™ Tech range amply fulfils the requirements that dentists always have – restoring in a natural way, no more etching, bonding and with a rapid processing time and consequently cost saving. In addition, there are intrinsic advantages such as can be seen from the diagram below.



GCP equipment

The specially developed CarboMIX capsule mixer is powerful (4800 rpm), quiet and especially suitable for optimum mixing of GCP capsules, but is also suitable for other capsules currently on the market.

The thermo-cure high-energy light specially developed by GCP is meant for GCP Glass Fill and Seal. These do not harden due to UV light but through exactly targeted heat. This together with the touchdown technique ensures a permanent filling which significantly enables bending strength up to 122 MPa.

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