GCP Glass Carbomer™ Tech stands for:

  • remineralization process
  • restorations in permanent molars
  • quick and easy

GCP Dental, About us

The company

GCP Dental is a Netherlands-based company which focuses on research and development (R&D) as well as the marketing and distribution of restorative dentistry products. GCP Dental aims to provide products that are biologically responsible (biocompatible) thereby actively contributing to a safe, sustainable and modern dentistry.
To this end, our R&D department works continuously and closely with practicing dentists in order to be directly involved in the current state of affairs in the day-to-day practice. GCP Dental also works closely with universities and with public and private research institutions at home and abroad.
Our marketing objective is to develop a market for BioSafe® (biologically safe) and sustainable products, whereby the entire globe is viewed as the potential playing field.

The Initial Objective

The initial question we asked ourselves was: What does the tooth need to heal itself? That was our point of departure, so “out of the box” from the beginning! The objective was to come up with a permanent restorative material that would help a tooth heal itself to the point of being a sustainable unit, after preliminary treatment by a dentist and a mix of safe and sustainable building materials.

Allow it thereby to make use of observable and known natural processes such as remineralisation and biofusion through the ion exchange of compatible materials.
Well, and if we could also achieve this while avoiding the use of any raw materials that have toxic properties … well then we could truly say we were getting somewhere! This was what it was all about from the beginning. This was the Holy Grail that we set out to find. And so a team of dentists, chemists and research institutions went to work.

Glass Carbomer® Tech invented

Research showed that fluor-aluminium silicate glass, together with the patented additives Nano-Fluoride-/Hydroxyapatite and Liquid Silica, formed the most suitable initiator for the regeneration of the natural tooth structure via biomimetic processes. Together with Glass Carbomer® Tech, utilizing the natural processes of mineralization, we are able to create an entirely biological structure that has properties (such as hardness, durability, strength and acid resistance) equivalent to natural dentition. This was the groundbreaking innovation which has proven its clinical worth in dental practices for over 10 years.

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